Friday, February 12, 2021

The emergence of AI Technology, and how online streaming engines are creating global harmony

 We are living in the age of technology, man is constantly progressing in the field of artificial intelligence to make machines and employ systems, which can make life easy. Comfort and freedom is the target man is heading towards, but that’s not all, man is thriving to reform social scenarios globally. The infusion of AI technology will boost economics by providing outlets and creating channels bringing humanity together, and hence permanent changes will be witnessed with major shift in values and life styles.   

Artificial Intelligence is going to transform the world

World has certainly taken over by a number of AI ventures, and those has helped us making our life to enjoy more. The invention of internet has backed the concept of smart living, and the idea itself is so engaging that it has and will transform the ways humans act, react, think, communicate or even deal with circumstances. AI is smoothly entering into our lives and we have tasted the comfort it gives. Now we have refrigerators which are smart enough to order food when it is about to end. we have washing machines which are smarter than ever, the machines now, wash and dry all the clothes itself, giving you the sigh of relief.

The induction of artificial intelligence in entertainment gadgets has created a buzz in the market    

Since the world has seen this unseen magic of internet, everything it touches becomes smarter. With the ability to connect with internet of an LED TV has changed it into smart LED TV. The meaning of entertainment is totally different these days. The smart LED TV predicts about the weather, well that your phone does also, the smart LED TV keeps a check on the kind of content you visit frequently to record and then later give you suggestions accordingly. The best LED TV in Pakistan comes with certified NETFLIX, YouTube and Prime Video, which enables you to reach global content in just a snap. The LED TV online feature has literally become a cultural ambassador for many countries.

Certified NETFLIX, YouTube and Prime Video is working as bridge among different civilizations creating international harmony    

Certified NETFLIX, YouTube and Prime Video is bringing people together, and facilitating global harmony by cultural exchange. You come home, and for your leisure time, the certified streaming engines offered by your smart LED TV suggest you different international series and films to watch. You decide to watch some Iranian film or Norwegian drama or Korean serial, hence this all content taking you to the places, you never visited, gave you the knowledge you never had, and you learned about people, their norms, values and language, making you familiar to them. The world is emerging into a true global village. 

The coming era is going to be the era of digitalization and networking, the face of the world is going to change in a way that no one had ever thought before. The pivotal point of world would be communication and that will be the strength of the coming times. People who are moving in the timeline should work on their communication and networking as survivors are always those who adapt to change, not the fittest, the smartest or the most powerful.*/



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