Thursday, April 22, 2021

How In-Person Business Events Will Be Different After COVID

Covid-19 is a global pandemic that has adversely affected the flow of things in every sector of the economy and the living standards. Many things had to change, especially in the business world. One of the changes is that events and conferences are being conducted virtually through conference calls. However, with the new CDC guidelines, businesses are now equipped with information on how in-person business events will look. Consequently, the need for future planning as it is the 'new normal. Here are the fundamental things that you should consider when planning for in-person conferences with your attendees:

 1. Implement Impeccable Hygiene Standards You need to ensure that your hygiene standards are the best during post-covid times. All the venues that you choose to set up for in-person events should carefully observe hygiene to give delegates the confidence they need for attendance.

 As the event planner, you need to ensure activities that have been organized can be carried out hygienically and safely. For instance, precautions that need to be taken when passing microphones among attendees to ask and answer questions should be carefully managed. You should ensure that the chosen venue takes hygiene seriously. Furthermore, you can ask about the number of staff allocated for cleaning, their cleaning routines, and the area they specifically clean so that you can make the necessary decisions.

 2. Implementation of Contact-less Meeting Technology has played a crucial role in preparing for post-covid in-person events by providing delegates with sensor beacons, facial recognition, event apps, and touch screens for safety. The use of contact-less tools has helped prevent individuals from interacting. When it comes to security checks, you need to make sure that your attendees are well-versed in the technology used. Additionally, the security personnel is expected to wear a disposable glove during the search. Further, ensure your attendees are aware of the mode of payment. In case you are looking for in-person event management support, you can consider using a company that will help you market and manage your events better, faster, and up to scale. 

3. Ensure That Social Distancing is Observed You need to assure the event delegates that the undertakings to be conducted during the in-person live event will be safe. Therefore, you need to ensure that your event stays socially distant by carefully planning and guiding your staff about how this can be observed. For instance, you should be aware of potential crowding around the toilet and set up measures to cater for that. An incredible precaution to counter such is setting up rules that state that one person at a time is allowed in the washroom area. Alternatively, you should put steps on how individuals can quickly move through narrow walkways and corridors. The registration desks are more likely to congest; thus, you should use self-service check-in stations as they reduce queues and interaction between individuals. After putting up the measures, ensure you test them before your attendees arrive and make any improvements where necessary.

 4. Intelligent Catering You need to understand that regulations have been put by the government, and buffets are not part of the menu anymore for safety reasons. Therefore, you need to offer takeaways to your attendees and ensure you serve them on disposable items. Additionally, you need to limit the sum of delegates around the catering space. Ensure you avail hand sanitizing areas at the entry and exit from the station. Also, you can make sure that the attendees leave using a different door from the one they entered. The latter will help you safeguard your attendees' health and well-being, thus building on their trust.

 5. Maintain the Number of Attendees at a Minimum With the current Covid-19 restrictions, there is likely to be a reduction in the number of attendees for the in-person business events. Also, some individuals might have already gotten used to virtual events. It would be best if you understood that many businesses joined virtual conferences during the lock-down. The latter should not make you exclude in-person meetings and only have them on a need basis. Conclusion By going through this article, you will understand and get insights on how the in-person business events will be different after Covid. Therefore, you will plan and set up guidelines that will help you carry on with your in-person business events.



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