Thursday, May 6, 2021

How NCERT Books can Remove Fear of Failure?

All the students have fear of failure. Especially this happens with class 12th students. It is so because of the pressure of board examinations. Class 12th feels a bit tough, their syllabus feels a bit burden, the purpose of life, and worries about the responsibility and so on so forth. All these things make them overwhelmed, confused and irritated, etc. Class 12th Students go through all these random but genuine thoughts. The overthinking of all these randomly generated thoughts gives students some short of false expectations and a lot of different negative beliefs that started coming together. This kind of thinking puts students in the fear of failure. What if they become a failure in the board exam? Having fear like this is normal. So in this article, we will see How using NCERT Books for regular study can help students to remove the fear of failure for the 12th class board examination.

NCERT Textbooks for Regular Study

NCERT Textbooks are highly recommended to the class 12th students. This NCERT Class 12 Textbooks in English Medium is prescribed by the board examination that means no matter how many reference books students will use. Questions are going to ask from the prescribed NCERT textbooks for class 12th only. Class XII Candidates are highly suggested to use the board prescribed books for regular study. Using this for the daily study will boost confidence, give them more knowledge, and help students to at least divert the brain from those negative(-ve) thoughts that are not necessary for the moment. If students do the regular study by using this then they will surely get a lot of benefits from it. Such as the Class 12th syllabus will be covered, the board exam preparation will also get covered, etc.

How to Study them for the Benefits?

There is no magical way to study something. It all depends on what suits you best. Nearly there are tons of study methods that claim to be perfect for the students. But eventually, everyone is different and what suits you will not suit me, what suits me will not suit you. It is very simple. So the point is how to study this book to get the highest benefits? To get the benefits from this. Students have to be very precise about the concepts that they have to read it regularly at least for minutes or few hours. In the end, our intention is to make you habituated to reading these books. 

Follow the 5 steps given below to get the highest benefits

  1. Skim your class 12th syllabus first.

  2. Give each chapter a thorough read. 

  3. Try to summarize each chapter individually.

  4. Find the real-life experiments and actions that can be easily relatable to the studied topics.

  5. Use notes, NCERT Books and Solutions to revise them frequently.

  6. Try to always use the latest books Such as NCERT Books 2020-21. 

Below is the list of benefits that students can get from following the above steps 

  • Students will be well prepared for their board exams

  • Things will become easy to understand 

  • They will fall in love with the study 

  • Class 12th students will become motivated and they will feel positive for their board examination.

  • All the syllabus will be covered within the time frame.

  • Able to comprehend things to others 

  • Become calm and relax. Negative thoughts will vanish

  • They will find their true passion to follow in the near future.

What is Special in the NCERT Books?

NCERT is a very special book creator and publisher. It is an autonomous part of the Indian Government. Since 1961 this publication has produced a lot of well-researched content for the students. There are thousands of schools and a bunch of prominent boards in India that use their textbooks to regulate the students among the students. The specialty of these books is that they are prepared by the subject matter experts and they do extensive research with the proof as well. This is the biggest and the most authentic organization on which students can blindly believe. The most popular entrance examinations in India use it as a base for creating the questions papers. 



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